Proud to say that I am one of his success stories

Hi! My name is Florence and I will soon be 58 years old. My husband and I lead a very active life at consulate in india. Unfortunately I found myself in pain from spinal stenosis which made many of my activities painful. In 2015 Dr. Raj performed endoscopic discectomy surgery on my lumbar spine for sciatica which relieved the pain in my back and legs. I am proud to say that I am one of his success stories. In July, I was able to return to my work, which I never thought would be possible again due to pain. I am so grateful to Dr. Raj for not only relieving my pain, but for making it possible to continue with my many activities. We have a sign on our treadmill that reads, “What Mother Nature gives you Father Time takes away.” With the help of Dr. Manish Raj I am at least able to fight off Father Time and slow him down.