Vertebroplasty is a minimally invasive procedure to fix the broken bone from osteoporosis & help with back pain caused by such osteoporotic compression fracture. It requires a specialized medical bone cement to be placed inside fractured bone, which strengthens the vertebra and reduces pain immediately. It also avoids future aggravation of fracture and helps the patient return to normal activities.

In the past, standard open surgery was used to fix compression fractures from osteoporosis which also requires larger incisions to give the doctor more room to operate. The results of open surgery for this condition have generally been poor, mainly because it is difficult to do surgery on bones that are weak and soft from osteoporosis. In addition, some aging adults with fractures may not be physically able to tolerate such surgery, hence vertebroplasty procedure without the problems associated with open surgery done after small incision in the skin with use of small instruments under local Anaesthesia. This lessens the chance of bleeding, infection, and injury to muscles and tissues, thus very good results.


Kyphoplasty is very similar to vertebroplasty procedure. The main difference is restoration of the height of fractured vertebrae. The goal of kyphoplasty is to return the fractured vertebra as close as possible to its normal height. This is done by inflating a special medical balloon inside the fractured bone to restore the vertebral body to its normal size. Special cement is then injected into the bone, fixing it in place. The cement strengthens the broken vertebra and stiffens it in its original height and position. This reduces pain and spine deformity (kyphosis), enabling patients to get back to normal activities.

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