Backpain,numbness in foot

I was completely depressed,my backpain really sucked me up,althought its been a year now but still i cannot forget that immense pain i had in my lower(calf) leg ,hip, and numbness in foot.

I went for several treatments like massage,chiropractor,physician treatment,medications and what not even spinal injections ,just tried every thing before my operation in the span of 8 months, finally i met Dr. Manish Raj and yes i can say he is the person who has brought me to normal life again.

Dr. Manish Raj knows his work completely and performed like an artist during operation.i just got one stitch and thats all ,during operation he took his time completely and did his job seriously.

Yes,I was pain free immediately but he guided me for future. And slip disc can happen to anyone but no need to worry as there are several ways to get rid off it ,if it comes to operate it No need to go anywhere only visit Dr. Manish Raj because he will listen to what u r saying and will only concentrate on your problem,he will resolve it and then he will go on to next task(Note-He will listen to you,that rarely happens in hospitals).

Will be in debt forever,No matter how many times i may thank him ,it will always remain less.THANK YOU

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