A doctor in need is a doctor indeed

After an year of sleepless nights, almost bed ridden, taking all possible medications, visiting 10s of doctors, spending thousands of bucks on physiotherapy. No respite from disc herniation pain.
Then someone suggested about Dr. Manish Raj, with no hope left we decided to visit him. To our surprise, we came out of his cabin after 45 mins of thorough consultation. The way he explained the entire problem was so detailed and helpful to boost patient morale and understand the underlying cause very well
He suggested to have Lumbar discectomy surgery to get rid of acute pain permanently. We were not able to make our mind, hence he shared few medical journals, articles, videos and his own patients’ kin numbers to understand their experiences.
We now had made up our mind, and scheduled the procedure with him. The entire process starting from pre to post procedure was so flawless. Infact, Dr. Manish kept boosting me during the surgery and kept taking note of how I am feeling.
I have never come across such doctor who not only treat the problem but treat the patient. Infact, even after 2 years, he still checks on the well being of me is out of the world.

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